Giveaway Policies

*I strongly suggest, although not mandatory, that you also provide an additional full-sized product as a giveaway to attract more readers and generate discussion of your product.
*You will need to specify whether the giveaway is open to US only, US and Canada, or otherwise.
*Giveaways on my blog are also promoted on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with giveaway linkys.
*Requesting follows for your social media links are included as forms of entries into the giveaway.
*Any product(s) sent to me or my readers will be at your cost. Absolutely no COD.
*Giveaway item(s) will need to be sent to the winner directly from your company.
*After the giveaway has ended, I will contact the winner for his/her information and then forward it on to you.
*Giveaways that are not accompanied by a review are subject to a $125 fee.