Online Entertainment for the Family

During the school holidays, especially in the winter months when the weather turns wet and cold, it can be a challenge to keep the whole family entertained enough to avoid the dreaded whiny complaints of boredom. Many families have trouble finding enough hours in the week to spend quality time together. Here are a few ideas on how to fill in a rainy afternoon or evening together.

These days it is impossible to ignore that fact that playing on computers is the number one favorite pastime for many children. There is a whole world of fun puzzles, games, and activities for them to explore. Computers are used much of the time in school so they are educational tool and there are also a variety of social networking sites aimed at school children, such as Club Penguin, which helps them to develop their social skills and teaches them how to conduct themselves while online. These sites are well regulated and monitored for suspicious behavior to keep the kids safe from people who may not be who they say they are!  There are many sites for very young children and pre school kids, where parents can play games online with their children. Check out sites such as Nickelodeon and CBeebies for interactive and educational games. Kneebouncers is another wonderful site for younger kids, designed by parents again, with lots of fun activities for children to enjoy with their parents.

For older children, there are a huge variety of the ever popular Flash games available to play on a laptop or tablet. Candy Crush is the leading Flash game at the moment; a game where the player has to match candies on the screen to win points and move to the next level. Many Flash games are free and there are a variety of categories for shoot ‘em ups to retro arcade games like Space Invaders. Parents can even play bingo online games, while the kids are playing their own games. 


Finally, one of the best ways to get the family to hang out at home together is to have a movie night! This can involve a whole day of fun if you involve the kids in making pizzas to eat during the movie. This is much less expensive than takeout, and has the option to be healthier. You can even buy the individual pizza toppings so everyone can have exactly what they want on their own pizza! You won’t regret making time to spend with your family, doing something everyone enjoys.