Make Your Mornings Easier With These Tips!

I’m sure you have heard it before – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, it’s true! Unfortunately I have spent most of my life avoiding breakfast for different reasons; not enough time, not hungry that early in the morning, I didn’t feel like cooking, etc. It has only been in recent years that I started making more of an effort to eat breakfast, especially since I was insisting that my kids ate a good breakfast each morning.

In the hustle and bustle of every day life, mornings are typically the most hectic – at least for us. In an effort to make morning time go more smoothly around here, I have created a list of suggestions to simplify your mornings!

tips for an easier morning

1. Lay out clothes and shoes the night before.

This is such a time-saver! It is especially helpful if you have little ones that you need to get ready in the mornings, along with yourself. It is easy to waste a good bit of time searching for a matching shoe, but getting everything together the night before eliminates that search when you may already be running behind.

2. Don’t snooze your alarm clock (or set multiple alarms)!

alarm collage

I am the world’s worst about hitting the snooze button, but I have been trying to get better about it! I have read several articles that say hitting the snooze button can actual make you  more tired than if you just get up when it goes off the first time. It can be so hard to do though and we often find ourselves saying, “Just 5 more minutes!” Getting up on time each day will make your mornings go smoother without the extra rushing around.

3. #BrewYourBreakfast.

nature valley2

When you #BrewYourBreakfast with the Nature Valley Bistro Oatmeal K-Cups, you will start your day off right! Since it’s the most important meal of the day, it’s great that there’s easy options available. Aren’t these awesome?! They come in two flavors – Apple Cinnamon Almond and Brown Sugar Pecan. I have not tried the Apple Cinnamon Almond yet, but I can say that the Brown Sugar pecan is so good! All you have to do is pour the pouch of Nature Valley Oatmeal into a mug, insert the Bistro Cup into your Keurig and brew the 6 oz. size, and then stir the oatmeal until it is well-blended. Then, enjoy!

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