Wordless Wednesday: Yes to the Dress!

My childhood best friend is getting married!

said yes to the dress


  1. So fun! I remember wedding dress shopping… mine was the first one I tried on even though I tried on plenty after that. Hehe.

  2. How fun!! Shopping for wedding dresses is SO much fun!

  3. That’s a happy day!

  4. How fun!!! Its been quite a while since I’ve been dress shopping!

  5. So much fun! I love weddings!

  6. Congrats to your friend! Weddings are such a happy and joyful time.

  7. Big congrats to her!

  8. I loved wedding dress shopping. I love that ah hah moment when you find the one!

  9. I love wedding dress shopping! I want to do it again! Just the dress though!

  10. YAY!! Congrats to her!

  11. aw! How fun! I never did buy a wedding dress. Maybe I should go try some on just for fun :)

  12. That’s so fun that you are still friends and got to go dress shopping!

  13. That’s so great! How fun that you’ve stayed close this long!

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