Guest Post: Old Hallows Eve

Halloween is many children’s favourite holiday. The candy, the costumes, the jack-o-lanterns; Halloween is a night of magic and mystery that is both haunting and enchanting for children and parents alike. Hosting a Halloween party for kids can sometimes seem like a scary task. Preparing costumes alone seems like a tall order for many parents this time of year, so the thought of hosting a party on top of everything else can give many parents a fright. With some well planned activities and easy to make treats, hosting a Halloween party for kids can be a really fun task for parents.

A lot of the fun of Halloween lies in creating fancy dress costumes, most children will be delighted just to see their friends in fancy dress so any extra activities are really just a bonus. Party games are popular and kids can compete for candy treats so be sure to have plenty on hand. It’s always good to get a variety of sweets as you never know who might be allergic to nuts, gluten or have any other type of dietary restriction. Bobbing for apples is a tried and tested Halloween staple. minnieWith a few buoyant apples and a bucket of water, kids can bob until their hearts content. Giggles are an inevitable offshoot of this classic game as biting a floating apple is tougher than it looks.  Be sure to keep an eye out though as sometimes kids can swallow too much water in pursuit of their precious prize.

Young guests can bone up on anatomy and create fun Halloween decorations at the same time by making a skeleton out of dried pasta. Use an illustration of a skeleton as a template for kids to follow and provide a range of pasta shapes. With some white glue and some dark construction paper, the mess is minimal and the experience memorable. While many kids will be happy simply with candy to snack on, having a few fun Halloween themed treats is always a nice touch and will certainly be appreciated by your older guests. Consider creating goblin faced flatbreads by simply cutting out ghostly eyes and mouths before baking. Cauldron curry is a crowd -pleasing treat and worms in dirt (sliced hot dogs and black beans) give a gruesome appearance to a surprisingly pleasing dish.

Hosting a Halloween party doesn’t have to be tricky, in fact it can easily be a treat with some well planned activities, simple snack recipes and a great group of guests.