Minnie Mouse Potty Chart

I am so excited that Kynlee is finally showing interest in using the potty once again! She regressed once Greyson was born in March and we didn’t push the issue. But let’s be honest – I am SO ready to not have to change diapers for two kids all day long! So far today, we’ve only changed one diaper and that was this morning after she woke up. Here’s hoping this potty success continues! To help her stay excited, I created a Minnie Mouse Potty Chart and wanted to share it with all of you :). Each time she goes to the potty, we add a sticker star to the circles. Once she gets to the end of a row, she will get a small surprise!

Minnie Mouse Potty Charts

How did you approach potty learning?

Did you offer rewards, let them figure it out themselves when they were ready, or some other approach?