American Girl Bitty Twins

american-girl-logoAs a mom, I want to get toys for my children that meet certain standards. I don’t mind paying more for a toy if it means that it will last longer and the quality is better. This is especially true now that we have another child on the way. I am constantly thinking about the items that I purchase and trying to determine if they will still be in good condition when he’s able to play with them. Let’s face it, I have a rambunctious (albeit cute) two-year old little girl and toys have been known to break easily in her care. Being the “little momma” that she is, Kynlee has really grown to love baby dolls within the past few months. She’ll comfort them, feed them, put them down for naps, and even stroll them around the house. But again… there are moments when she is extremely rough with them. Let’s just say her baby dolls get lots of “ouchies” and plenty of wear and tear. For this reason, I decided to look into the doll company American Girl, because I’ve heard such great feedback about the company and its products.american girl dollsThe mission of American Girl is to celebrate girls; celebrate who they are today and look forward to who they will become tomorrow. I love this about them! Since its first debut in 1986, American Girl continuously provides inspiring products that grow along with young girls – from her preschool days to her tween years. Along with the dolls, American Girl also offers books, clothes, toys and accessories. As you can imagine, it can be extremely difficult to pick just one doll…and so that’s why I picked two :). That’s right, American Girl offers the Bitty Twins, which double the fun and excitement for your little one! Bitty TwinsI wanted to get the Bitty Twins Sister/Brother set because I thought it would be good to introduce the idea of a brother to Kynlee…since she’ll be getting one in 3 months! I was able to choose the skin tone, hair color, and gender of the dolls to make them more personalized for us. These dolls are right at 15 inches tall and are perfect for ages 3 and up, while some of the other dolls would be perfect for older ages. When I first took them out of the package, Kynlee was SO excited and had to hold them both at the same time! She soon realized that that was a little difficult, so she began inspecting them one by one with a particular interest in their shoes!American Girl Bitty TwinsAnother part of the Bitty Twins package is the book Bitty Twins Learn to Share. I loved that this book was included because that’s one of the things I’ve been trying to teach Kynlee about – sharing. It’s hard to teach her right now since she’s not around many other children but I want her to be at least somewhat prepared for when her brother arrives and she has to start sharing some toys and most importantly, time.IMG_6990Probably my favorite thing about these dolls is the attention to detail that they provide. When laying down, their eyes close as if they are sleeping. When upright, they just look “put together” because of their hair, shoes, and overall appearance. The outfits are just precious and coordinate with each other perfectly!American Girl Bitty Twins detailsIt’s been so fun watching Kynlee mother these dolls! I can tell that they will be around in our family for many years to come and I am excited about accessorizing them more with different outfits and gear. I think next I will look into the Potty Seat & Accessories. Since we are heading down that road with Kynlee, it might help to have her dolls in the potty learning process as well :). Bitty Twins2

Does your little one have an American Girl Doll?

What do you love most about it?



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  1. My girls have this exact same set and it works out great since I have two girls and there are two dolls. My youngest chose the boy doll to claim as her own and she just loves him to pieces. I love American Girl and can’t wait to expand their collection.

  2. How fun! They are so cute! I had the set of the books for American Girl when I was little. Back then there were only like 4 girls I think. I saved and saved for an American Girl doll. I ended up getting a different doll instead. But seeing these, I am wanting to get some for Big Sis. She loves babies! :)

  3. Those are awesome! I think you chose the perfect ones since she’ll have a brother soon, and I love the sharing book that you got with it. PERFECT!
    They are adorable! Totally looking into these for Brooke!! She loves the movies but I was afraid the dolls and books would be too ‘old’ for her, since she’s only 6. I had no idea there were books and dolls for younger girls!

  4. Those are SO cute! I even think my son would like them. The boy doll actually looks just like the doll I had growing up!

  5. These are so cute! My daughter is just getting into dolls and I’ll have to check these out for her…

  6. Not yet, although my girls want them. My twins would love those twins too :)

  7. Oh my goodness these are adorable – and I love that they came with a “learn to share” book. My daughter would be head over heels to get one of these dolls let alone twins!

  8. I love these American Girl dolls and will totally have to get my niece some next year.

  9. My little girl is only 8 months old, so she is too young to appreciate dolls yet, but these are so adorable. I would love for her to be a ‘dolly girl’ some day!

  10. We don’t have an American girl doll yet, but I’d love to get one for our daughter. She loves her Corolle baby, so maybe it’s about time. I want to take her to the American girl hospital and all that when she’s a little older:)

  11. Joy Newlan says:

    Super cute! My oldest has just started to read my old American Girl books. I too have heard about their great warranties on their dolls

  12. Those are the cutest little dolls! I have to grandsons and they aren’t very interested in dolls. They are more into stuffed animals.

  13. I would like to get the twins for my 6 year old granddaughter. Are these the right dolls for the age or should I move up to the next doll for an 8 year old. thanks

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