Cheerios–The Perfect Snack at Home or On-The-Go!


Becoming a mom has taught me many, many things about myself, my children, and life in general. You learn tips and tricks to make life easier when you are raising children. For me, one tip is to always have snacks with you while you’re on-the-go with your kiddos! Kynlee is almost 5 and Greyson is […]

Back to School Brownies

Back to School Brownies

A few days ago, school started back here and Kynlee had her first day of Kindergarten. First, I cannot believe how fast this summer flew by! And second, how do I have a kindergartner already?! She has had a blast this week and I pray she has a successful year with lots of learning and […]

Father’s Day


Father’s Day has just passed and we all know that it is a time to honor and celebrate fathers, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in our society. I am personally blessed to have a great father and father-in-law who positively influence my life, as well as other men who have been like a father […]

Spread the Love in Your Community

called to care

Kynlee’s out of school and we are enjoying summer break! Although this week has been rainy, the weather has been nice for the most part. A bit too hot at times, but that is to be expected this time of year. Watching my kids play outside reminds me of summer days when I was younger. […]

Bravo TV’s Scripted Comedy: Odd Mom Out

Odd Mom Out

If you have ever experienced being the “Odd Mom Out” then you know that it is not a great feeling. There have definitely been times where I have felt like I was the odd mom out and it wasn’t fun to say the least. As moms, we often compare ourselves to other moms and it […]